Mushroom Lover Sticker Pack

Mushroom Lover Sticker Pack

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Collection of 4 rainbow-themed stickers for $2 each (instead of $3 each) Inspired by the popular themes of the decorated cases, these beautiful die-cut stickers perfectly adorn your favorite items. Add your water bottle, laptop, cell phone, stash box, anything!

Sticker pack includes:
• Holographic Shroom Galaxy
• Shroom Galaxy
• Mushroom Tea
• Mushroom Shrine

Here are the details of the stickers:
• Fade resistant for 3 - 5 years
• Waterproof - even dishwasher safe!
• Weather proof - resists scratching
• Matte and glossy finish

Dimensions range from 2" to 4"

Sticker will be shipped as a letter rather than package, which means no tracking number